October 18, 2007

Britney Suspended

Her visitation rights, anyhow. And I'm certain her poor children are rejoicing.

According to TMZ, the pop tart lost visitation with her children "until she complies with court orders". Ha! Like that's going to happen! Doesn't the court know who she is? She is a STAR, after all.

The order by L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon came after K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went to court yesterday for an emergency hearing. The order reads, "Petitioner's (Britney's) visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner's compliance with the court orders." Brit's next shot at getting the kids is October 26, when she's been ordered back to court."

In other words, Brit couldn't be bothered to provide the drug testing facility with her contact information so they could perform random tests on her. Well, duh! How dense are these people? I know where to find her. Starbucks. The corner gas station. McDonald's. Taco Bell. I see pictures of her there every day. Wait right in the drive-thru line and I guarantee Brit will tool by.

Photo Source: DListed

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