October 4, 2007

Charlie Sheen Loves to Email

Photo Source: PopSugar

I guess we all knew that it was only a matter of time before things really started getting down and dirty in the ongoing Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen battle, and Denise has upped the ante. She filed copies of lovely emails that Charlie sent her - - emails that I'm sure she will look back upon fondly and love to share with their daughters.

Charlie, in a matter of speaking, fired back on Denise's recent re-allegations and court filings. The oh-so-eloquent Mr. Sheen wrote, among other things, that his ex-wife is a "sad, jobless pig", to "go cry to your bald mom" and that Denise doesn't "get a fucking dime". Wow. I can't imagine why these two divorced. BTW, in case you're not in the know, Denise's mom has cancer and is currently undergoing chemo, so the "bald mom" bit is as cruel as it seems.

Seriously, this ranks right up there in intelligence, along with sending a threatening email to your IT guy at the office. Duh.

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