October 18, 2007

Lohan Accused of Being a Homewrecker, Take Two

Photo Source: PopSugar
Or, Lohan likes to screw other women's men.

Honestly, is there a rehab facility that Lohan's vajajay can enter? Because I think it has serious addiction problems.

Barely a week out of rehab in Utah comes word that Lohan's newest boy toy was (unsurprisingly) engaged when he entered the luxurious Cirque Lodge and sent his fiancee a "Dear John" text after meeting Lohan.

Bree Tierney spilled all to the National Enquirer about her former fiance, professional snowboarder Riley Giles, whom she had lived with for three years prior to the Lohan infestation.

Bree claimed to have met Lohan "numerous" times while visiting Giles in rehab, where he went to "get his life together and in the process meets Lindsay and ruins my life.” She suspected something was up when Lohan accompanied Giles on one of those meetings and "she comes over and sits next to me, being overly nice. She was complimenting me on my hair and trying to be my friend. It didn’t seem sincere at all.”

After that, Bree got her harsh text message and Giles "finally confessed to me that he had sex with Lindsay in one of the stairwells at Cirque — that was it, we were done.”

Wow, Lohan isn't very discriminate, is she? She supposedly had sex with some married guy in the bathrooms at Cirque, now we hear she corrupted the stairwells as well. I guess it's fairly safe to assume that if you are a married or engaged man and run across Lohan in a public bathroom or stairwell, she will have sex with you.

Lohan is like the new Paris Hilton plague. I'm just waiting for the videotape.

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