October 14, 2007

Paul McCartney is So Screwed

Photo Source: LaineyGossip.com

In case you thought that the Mills-McCartney divorce train was merrily chugging on its way, or even finalized, think again. One thing that can definitely be said for Heather Mills is that she is a golddigging bitch. And I'm being nice.

Last week, she and Macca were expected to finalize their divorce agreement; he reportedly was going to generously give her 60 million pounds (which is more than $120 mil, in American dollars). Not a bad settlement for less than four years of not-so wedded bliss. Keep in mind that doesn't include support for their daughter. All Mega-Bitch has to do to get that offer is promise not to publicly discuss their private affairs.

Guess who had a problem with that?

Mega-Bitch apparently wants her million pounds settlement and the right to speak too. On talk shows, in print . . . anywhere and everywhere that will ring up more dollars and cents for the insatiable demon known as Heather Mills.

Basically, Paul McCartney is screwed. He has to pay Mega-Bitch at least $60 million pounds, no matter what. If he wants her to keep her trap shut, it will cost him even more.

My guess is that Mega-Bitch will probably collect her original goal - - $150 million pounds - - because Paul is too tired of dealing with her evil (not to mention that he might have a few skeletons in the closet he wishes to hide).

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