October 3, 2007

Sex and the City: The Movie

Photo Source: PopSugar and INF Daily

Is anyone going to see this? I'm curious, not because I don't think there's a built-in audience, although I think the demand would have been greater maybe a decade ago. Okay, I jest. Maybe four years ago, when the series wrapped up. I'm curious because so many pictures have been slipped, leaked, thrust down the media's throat, whatever, that it almost seems pointless to spend the ten bucks to go see the darn thing.

Anyhow, apparently Carrie and Big are getting married. You think it's a mistake too? Yeah, it'll never last. So they shot the wedding scenes at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, although Big himself (Chris Noth) wasn't seen that day. Interesting. Carrie being Carrie, i.e., the biggest fashion blunder to ever walk the earth, much less New York City, looks like a cross between Big Blue Bird and the Kleenex Queen. Honestly, did a box of tissues throw up on her? Was the bust inspired by a huge pair of bird wings, or by Dolly Parton? Did a bright blue bird get caught in that veil-y confection in her hair? I find it hard to believe that Carrie could break out in a rash and hyperventilate over putting on the shlocky wedding dress when she was engaged to Aidan, which was cheesey, sure but not nearly as gaudy and tack-ay as this mess is. And could Sarah Jessica Parker not eat a Fatburger or something? The bones sticking out of her chest are very distracting. And is this movie supposed to take place like 30 years in the future, because Carrie looks about 75 in these pictures.

As a little aside, why am I not surprised that Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are wearing the brightest, most unflattering bridesmaid dresses ever? This is what you do to your enemies, not your closest friends.

Photos: INF Daily

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