November 30, 2007


Here's Little Lord Tommy Boy with his geisha girl at the Bambi Awards in Germany. Tommy Boy actually picked up a golden statute (but not that statute) for an award in courage. Courage to wear man heels? Courage to let your crazy fly free? Nah, courage for his upcoming movie "Valkyrie" or "Rubicon" or whatever it'll be called by the time it comes up for air next year. Personally I think the filmmakers should have gotten the award for being courageous enough to work with the Mad Midget. After all, what would Tommy Boy have done - - started work on The Hardy Men sooner?

More importantly, WTF is going on with Katie? Is she wig shopping with Travolta? Did a MAC factory explode on her face? And what Christmas tree did she steal that garland from to make a bolero jacket?

Wait a minute . . . is it even Katie? Maybe Tommy Boy had Madame Toussand's make a very, very (un)lifelike likeness.
Photo Source: DListed

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