November 13, 2007

Celebrities Are Weak

Why is it that several times a year we are "treated" with news of a celebrity's admittance into a hospital for exhaustion? Are you kidding me? Exhaustion from what? Is it soooooo difficult to sit on a movie set, or more particularly, in a customized, cushy trailer waiting to be called on set, all the while having perks like foods, beverages and massive bank accounts?

Why don't these spoiled twits try working Monday thru Friday, all year, not just the few weeks or months they are shooting a movie, and working for average, everyday salaries and not millions of dollars? Why don't they try working full-time, in addition to take care of their own children - - no nannies - - and doing their own cooking and cleaning - - no housekeepers and no cooks. Why don't they try staggering their bills so they can afford to eat when their mortgage is due? Holy crap, I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it.

Source: PopSugar

So here's Kate Beckinsale, the latest celebrity with a weak constitution who was hospitalized in Memphis, Tennessee over the weekend after complaining of numbness in her left arm and leg. Diagnosis: exhaustion. But, of course.

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