November 9, 2007

Heather Mills is Dumped

Fresh off her Trash Paul McCartney U.S. tour, the golddigging Ms. Mills has found herself dumped by her legal firm. That's right, dumped. By the same firm that represented Princess Diana against Prince Charles and the British monarchy. Maybe Heather was dumped because in the midst of divorce negotiations, settlement offers and custody disputes, the former Mrs. Macca couldn't keep her trap shut and was deliberately badmouthing the man who signs her checks.

I know law. I know the legal system. And let me tell you, for a bunch of attorneys to fire a client who has the potential to walk away with a settlement in the millions and millions of pounds (a hefty percentage of which would go to said attorneys), the client absolutely, positively has to be beyond a pain in the ass, bitch on wheels, spawn of Satan. Money talks. Loudly. What does that say about Heather Mills?

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