November 2, 2007

Little Lord Tommy Boy!

Source: Getty Images

Tommy Boy is back and has come out to play at his L.A. premiere of Lions for Lambs, his first feature film appearance since the disastrous MI:3 and Tom and Katie Get Married.

Tommy, as usual, is sporting his man heels and Ms. Stockholmes must have lost the rock-paper-scissors game because she's actually in flats this time. (Flats that are completely wrong with the dress that's wearing her, but what else is new? If this chick could ever get one outfit, just one, completely right, I'd literally shit a brick).

Tommy actually looks halfway decent, for him. I think he might be wearing a velvet vest. Sweet! Here are Crazy and Smirky doing what they do best - - being crazy, smirking and posing for the eleven people that actually buy their shamarriage.

Speaking of Tommy Boy, because doing so is so much fun - - he's been very calm and almost reticent as of late. What gives? Who's put the muzzle on him? Pat Kingsley, for a return engagement? Robert Redford, who surely doesn't want his movie (and premieres) to be a soapbox for Tommy Boy to preach off of (because declaring his amazing, crazy love for the often-wooden Holmesbot will surely prove his hetero-ness). Regardless of who has threatened Little Lord Tommy Boy within an inch of his 5'7"-ness, I have to admit that I miss the real Tommy Boy. I luuuuuurrrrrve the real Tommy Boy - - the one that jumps on sofas, is hyper and irate and who doesn't hesitate to tell you how you should be living. Controversy!

After all, who wants to go see that old Lions for Lambs unless Tommy Boy is a raving lunatic?

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