November 2, 2007

Poor Heather Mills

After listening to sound bites from Heather Mills, no longer McCartney, as she appeared on Good Morning America this week, I can understand why she's so hated in Britain.

This woman has perfected the "woe is me". And not just a "woe is me" moment, as I like to have on occasion. Or even a "woe is me" day. Oh no, Ms. Mills has got the "woe is me" for years down pat.

As all we gossips know, Heather isn't supposed to be talking about her divorce, settlement or anything to do with Paul. The gag order. Which, if you believe the rumors about Heather's past pre-Paul, she should be well acquainted with "gag".

Strangely enough, Heather's biggest gripe seems to be how mean the media is to her. Which she explains, quite naturally, to the media. She says she has had her life threatened and the attention has made her contemplate suicide. Seems a mastery of contradictions, doesn't she?

I have the perfect plan to thwart all that media attention. Go away! If she doesn't want attention, what the hell is she doing talking to morning shows? Let's be real. This chick lives for attention.

She's also a big fat liar who lies because she claims that she told Paul she would walk away from the marriage without a cent (or is that pence, in England?) if he publicly admitted he was the reason their marriage failed. I think that point is a toss up - - the marriage could have failed because of Heather's skanky past, or because she's a massive bitch, or because she's a golddigger or because she was unfortunate enough to lose her leg instead of her ability to speak. However, I seriously doubt she would walk away from the marriage with nothing, no matter what Paul said or didn't say.

Heather also uses the Good Morning America forum to attack Paul. Again. Apparently he knew she was at suicide point and did nothing to help her. Duh! Of course not! He was probably thinking that if Heather offed herself, he wouldn't have to worry about a divorce hearing, a settlement and that moron flapping her gums about their private business.

Honestly, Heather, if you want peace and quiet, and it's not about money (snort), then just reach a settlement already and I guarantee you, the press will lose interest.

Image Source: DListed

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