November 14, 2007

Reese and Jakey G. Take Their Fauxmance on the Road

Reese and Jakey G. supposedly took their hot lovelife on the road, together, to northern California for a weekend stay at a plush resort (naturally), where they "canoodled" (naturally) and Reese "looked like she was in heaven" (naturally).

Does anyone really believe that Reese and Jakey are dating? I mean besides those 15 or so people who believe that Little Lord Tommy Boy and Katiebot are really married, they really have an amaaaaaazing love and they really had Suri the old fashioned way. No? Me neither. I'm not saying they're not great shoe shopping buddies but I'm not feeling the sparks, you know?

Is their movie coming out soon on DVD or something?
Image Source: PopSugar

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