December 5, 2007

Captain Butt and Galaxina Take Their Shamarriage To The Slopes

Photo Source: LaineyGossip

After months and months of disinterest and feigning that they really, really are married, Captain Butt and his Galaxina took to the slopes of Italy and attacked Andrew Morton's upcoming book head-on by putting on a gross display of public affection that rivals the 2005 Love Fest. Is anyone falling for this nonsense? Who told Captain Butt that powering a snowmobile was uber-hetero? How much of a bonus do you think Galaxina got for showing up? And why can't she ever wear clothes that fit? Surely Captain Butt has a black Am Ex - - don't they have any decent tailors on the Scieno payroll? Or was this trip such a last minute PR scramble that Galaxina didn't even have time to get her clothes properly tailored? Galaxina looks so good, and there's so much affection (snort) jumping off these pages, she might as well be outfitted in a HASMAT suit.

Does this Gruesome Twosome really expect us to believe that everything in their fake lives isn't choreographed and staged to Scieno perfection? Are we honestly expected to believe that the media just happened to show up on the slopes of Italy and got lucky enough to find the Queen and Queen of Scientology there?

Please. These two are so predictable it's laughable.

Expect to see more as that January 18 publication date nears . . .

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