December 12, 2007

Cash To Be the Next K. Fed?

I'll bet Cash Warren is thanking his lucky stars, and his fertile swimmers, today. Jessica Alba's rep confirmed to People magazine that the bitchy star from The Fantastic Four is indeed knocked up and expecting a Warren/Alba production.

Now I don't know Cash Warren or anything but does it seem like the guy has a job? Every picture I've seen of him he's either trailing around in a store behind Alba, or with her on vacation. And nearly every Internet blogger (well, except for yours truly, prior to today) has either dropped hints or been blatantly accusatory that he freely spends Alba's money while cheating on her left and right.

If true, Jessica Alba is an idiot. Did she not learn from the Britney Spears-K. Fed debacle? I don't think Alba will turn out to be a negligent, drug-addled pop tart like Britney, but if Warren is a cheating horndog, having a baby won't change that. If anything, Warren might get accustomed to the lifestyle that Alba works for and feel he's entitled to such a lifestyle whether they are together or not, simply by virtue of fathering her child.

Best of luck to you, Jessica Alba. You're probably going to need it.
Photo Source: People

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