December 12, 2007

Elf in Love

Love is such a wonderful thing, isn't it? Just ask the gayest little elf in all the land.

As if supporting good friend Will Smith at Graumann's Chinese Theater wasn't enough, Tommy Boy actually packed up and flew east to New York to make an appearance at the I Am Legend premiere, with Galaxina and Suri nowhere in sight. I guess he didn't want some pesky wife ruining the party. Or his, anyway, since Will's other half showed up.

Just to keep things in proper perspective, this is the same person who hasn't made an appearance in his third "wife"'s hometown of Toledo . . . ever. He can jet to Germany to accept a Bambi Award, and showcase his third "wife"'s ridiculous new hairstyle; he can fly to Vegas to see a repeat performance concert for The Spice Girls; obviously he can fly to a New York premiere for a film that he isn't starring in or producing. But he cannot, or will not, spend a little time with the in-laws. And neither will his third "wife".

Of course we are talking about love/lust/crushing here. I don't think there's any love lost between Tombelina and the Holmes family. By all accounts the Holmes family is a decent, average and perfectly sane family - - so it would make perfect sense that they would be horrified and mortified to have a Scientology spouting, psychiatry loathing couch jumping elf for a son-in-law. Provided that he and Galaxina are legally married and I'm still not betting the farm on that one.

I do think that Tombelina is perfectly willing to jet to the east coast, without a stop in Toledo, to not only spend more time with Will, who he's obviously courting for the Church (and perhaps for a little party in his pants) but also to do a little clever and not so subtle hijacking of Will's publicity. Let's face it, I Am Legend is likely to be the holiday movie this season. We all know that while Tombelina fails miserably in other departments he is a master at the "Look at Me School of PR Manipulation".

The below pics are from the New York premiere of I Am Legend. The movie stars Will Smith. The premiere stars Tommy Boy. WTH is up with Jada? Was she on her way to or from a tranny convention? And you just know in that last picture, Tommy Boy and Will are plotting a way to meet up without Jada. Run, Will, run!

Photos: DListed

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