December 5, 2007

Fire the President of Hydroderm!

Photo Source: DListed
Or whoever made the decision to pay Teri Hatcher $2.4 million as an endorsement deal for makeup. Clearly that person is not possessing a sane mind and might very well be blind. I can only speak for myself but I feel pretty confident in saying that any beauty product that Teri Hatcher hawks I will stay away from like the plague. Besides her wonky eye, she looks as though she's been pulled and stretched and had her makeup applied by Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles. Hydroderm is suing the actress (and believe me, I use that title lightly) for $2.8 million, alleging that she breached an exclusive endorsement deal by using as many as 17 other products, including encouraging the use of direct competitor CityLips.

First, Teri Hatcher should be sued for being a generally annoying bitch. Everytime she opens her mouth I want to rip her face off. Secondly, if some company was crazy enough to pay her $2.4 million for endorsing beauty products, she's a moron for promoting the use of other products and deserves to be sued for stupidity. And thirdly, she should be sued for being an annoying bitch.

Have I mentioned how annoying this bitch is?

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