December 6, 2007

Holiday Greetings from the Cruises

Keeping their positive PR blitz in full force (that Morton book is expected next month, after all), Captain Butt and Galaxina's "holiday" card has been revealed by Us Weekly (and not by on-the-payroll, Cruise-ass kissing People). While it's a definite improvement over last year's tacky, gaudy and lame seasonal doily, this latest "crafty" offering by Galaxina is decidedly underwhelming.

During their hyperactive lovefest of 2005, didn't Captain Butt tell us that Galaxina was oh-so-crafty? Didn't he imply that his third "wife" was going to do the wedding flowers? Didn't that nauseatingly sweet article in Vanity Fair state that Galaxina had made the afghan that she and her Captain slept under? Surely a woman so talented and so handy can do better than tying brown bows around cardstock and throwing some glitter on the production. And what's with Camp Cruise announcing that Galaxina had "designed" their holiday cards? What constitutes "designing"? Choosing the ribbon color? Selecting the font of the wording? Choosing which Scieno slaves are going to tie the ribbon and stuff the envelopes?

Last year's craptastic offering
Photo Source: Defamer

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