December 14, 2007

NBC = No Brain Cells

Those geniuses over at NBC have done it again.

Here's how they work - - greenlight show with novel concept, compelling characters and general audience appeal. Cast parts with incredibly talented actors and hire writers that improve over time. Stick said show in the Monday night at 10 p.m. timeslot. Do absolutely no publicity for show. Cancel show, despite unbelievable promise and solid fan base, after 13 episodes.

I think that's pretty much how it's gone down with Journeyman. Journeyman is, without a doubt, THE best new show of the fall season. The incredible Kevin McKidd stars as Dan Vasser, a San Francisco journalist who begins time traveling in order to help people get their lives back on track. His brother Jack is a cop who thinks Dan is picking up where he left off years earlier with a gambling problem. Jack used to be engaged to Dan's wife, Katie, who is trying desperately to adjust to a husband that can pop in and out at any time, and trying to be an understanding mother to their young son, Zack, who is confused at seeing his father disappear. To muddy the waters further, Dan's former fiancee, Livia, whom he believes died in a plane crash nearly 10 years earlier, turned out to be a time traveler herself who is alive and well and drops in on Dan when he needs help.

This show has it all - - the sci-fi aspect of time travel (which I love); character-driven stories; Dan's deep desire to help people and make things right; and an incredible cast.

So I suppose it's only natural that NBC would choose to cancel it and throw their support behind the painfully lame Bionic Woman.

Not surprising, after they gave the promising The Black Donnellys the axe last year, after a meager six episodes.

SAVE JOURNEYMAN!! Sign the online petition here:

and visit these other links for ideas on who and what to write:

Email NBC - - - - and let them know how much you love and appreciate this show.

Email Fox, they actually produce Journeyman and ask them to continue production of this stellar show, even on another network.

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