December 11, 2007

The Squint and Pout

What is it with starlets, celebs and celebs by default thinking that pouting or squinting at the camera is attractive and equals a pose?

Exhibit A. Melania "Mrs. The Donald" Trump. Every picture I see of her she looks like she's either forgotten to put in her contacts, is bravely suffering through an impacted tooth or has a case of the vapors (also known as gas). Is she missing teeth? Is that why The Donald married her? Why doesn't she open her eyes and smile?

Photo Credits: DListed; Celebitchy

Exhibit B. Keira Knightley. I like the tiny Knightley. I thought she did an admirable job in Pride & Prejudice, and I am heavily biased in Jennifer Ehle's favor for that role. Do I think Knightley deserved an Oscar nom? No, but that's another story. I also liked her in Love, Actually. She's a pretty girl so why is she so hesitant to smile? She has a cute boyfriend so why is she always pouting? And why doesn't someone give her a sandwich?

Photo Credit: DListed

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