December 11, 2007

Will Gets a Helping Hand

Will Smith was immortalized in Hollywood fashion yesterday, by having his hand footprints set in cement outside of Mann's Chinese Theater. And what would such a momentous occasion be without the gayest little elf in the land? Tommy Boy climbed out of the tree and took a break from cookie making long enough to watch Will assume the position, bend over and spread 'em.

Interestingly enough, although Will's kids were there, and the dog that co-starred with him in I Am Legend and, of course, Tommy Boy, taking time out of his busy Spice Girl concert schedule, Jada wasn't there. Why do you suppose? Wouldn't this be an important enough day to take off work? Is there trouble in paradise?
You know, I want to like Will. I do. I always have. But the stench of his "friendship" with Tommy Boy is starting to rub off on him. I don't want that to happen. So, run, Will! Run from Tommy Boy! Run from David Miscavaige! Run from the Scientology goons! Run from the bright light that's the Mother Ship getting ready to land on your head!

But let's talk about the gay little wee one. WTH is going on? Why does he insist on rocking those shiny sweaters? Why is he so shiny? And what is the deal with those mangs? Why doesn't he cut them? And why does he find it so necessary to point at Will in that picture? Is he being that blatant about his next intended victim?

Photo Credits: DListed

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