January 21, 2008

Kiefer is Sprung from the Pokey!

Photo Source: DListed

After 48 days in the slammer, including Christmas, New Years and his birthday, Kiefer Sutherland has served his time on a DUI conviction and was released shortly after midnight, last night. Kief checked into the Glendale City Jail on December 5 and didn't use the celebrity exception card to get out of his punishment. Got to give credit where credit is due.

While Kief apparently didn't have any visitors during his stay, the Glendale Police stated that he received a ton of fan mail. Probably from 24 viewers who want to know when Season 7 will be on.

I joke. I like Kief and I hope that he learned his lesson. I'd be willing to bet we'll see Lohan back in the slammer before Kief. At least I hope so.

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