February 21, 2008

And Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

Photo Source: DListed

Certainly not Marilyn Monroe, who despite her 36 rough and used years, still managed to look fresh and luminscent - - unlike Lohan, who at 21, comes across harder, rougher and older in this disturbing "recreation" of Monroe's last photo shoot.

Other than the drug connection, I don't see why Lohan would be a natural to duplicate the sitting. There are plenty of other actresses in Hollywood who not only resemble Monroe more than the freckled and awkwardly blonde-wigged Lohan but exude that special presence and innocence than Monroe possessed, far more than the haggard Lohan.

Looking at these pictures, I feel depressed. They don't seem a tribute, they don't seem art. They seem sleazy. And desperate. Bad, bad career move, Lohan. Assuming that you still have a career.

Never one to miss out on pimping her child at every possible opportunity, the oh-so-motherly Dina Lohan had to get on the horn to People magazine and put her two cents' worth in (and I'm being generous because nothing that woman has to offer is worth two cents). As surprising as Paris' non-appearance in the charity market, Mama Lohan claims that Lohan's pictures were "tastefully done" and Lohan was "being a character". Riiiiiight. Face it, Dina. She was showing her tits. Period. Dina also claims that Lohan's younger sister Ali (all of 14 years old) was at the shoot and that makes it okay because Ali never would have been allowed to go if it wasn't decent. Yeah, because a 14 year old sibling of Lindsay Lohan would really know "tasteful".

Photo Source: A Socialite's Life
If you really want to view the entire photo spread yourself, go here: http://socialitelife.buzznet.com/2008/02/18/lindsay_lohan_puts_on_the_marilyn_monroe_wig_and_shows_her_goods.php. But ask yourself why.

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