March 13, 2008

American Idol: Top 12?

So AI gets a new stage. Kinda reminds me of what an ELO concert would have been like circa 1979. The Idols do the Beatles! I'll admit I was in front of my t.v. in anticipation of how badly the vast majority of these contestants would butcher the Beatles. A few did not disappoint (sadly). Syesha got the deathly first spot. She looked nervous. "Got to Get You Into My Life", not terrible but nothing so spectacular that you might remember her by the end of the 2 hour show - - and if you missed the beginning, only seeing a 10 second recap at the end isn't going to help her. Chekezie has never been my favorite, but holy crap, did he bring it and wipe the stage with it last night! Performed "She's a Woman", beginning with a little bluegrass, sitting with the band, and then jumping up and busting out some rock chops. Very, very impressed. This entertaining, super high energy performance should guarantee him a spot next week. Well done. Ramiele's "In My Life" very nearly put me to sleep. Don't get me wrong, girlfriend can sing and she is soooo cute, but her performance was oh-so-boring. If she is saved this week, she really needs to bust it out next week. Jason has the prettiest skin, eyes and lashes imaginable for a man. Truly unfair. After giving a spectacular performance last week, he stays in the same vein with "If I Fell in Love With You". Thought it was a good performance, but I worry that if he doesn't change it up, he'll get voted off. Overall though, he should make it through this week. Despite being fairly decent on vocals, I just don't get Carly. She leaves me cold. If she sings "Come Together" at her little Irish bar every Saturday, then she should sound good on it. Is that really fair to the other contestants who had less than a week to prepare their performance? But then again, is it really fair that Carly is still in this competition, seeing as how she has a past business relationship with Randy? David C. literally kicked ass with "Eleanor Rigby". I luuuuuuuuurved it. Say what you will about his random eyef*cking of the camera, the boy knows how to remix songs to bring them current. Wee bit of a mistake with one word in one line of the lyrics, but can overlook that due to the brilliance of everything else. Definitely the most consistent of the men and best performance of the night, IMO. Brooke performed "Let it Be" and accompanied herself on the piano. Lovely version. Most definitely the most consistent of the women. No shlock, no kitsch, just sincere and emotional performing. David H. really hurt himself with his performance of "I Saw Her Standing There". Might have been better if he had not had the full-on band accompaniment - - the song just sounded dated. And maybe if he had dialed it down a notch or ten. He was far too energetic and, as Simon pointed out, desperate. Shades of Danny performing "Jailhouse Rock". Amanda actually didn't make me want to gouge out my eardrums with her rendition of "You Can't Do That". I didn't love it and I didn't understand half of what she was saying so I didn't really get the judges' props on it. However, she did look much more relaxed and easy going and we are now two weeks away from the God-awful Kansas massacre so I'm not complaining. Michael is hot and has an Australian accent so he can sing whatever he wants and I'll like it. So does it really matter what he sang?* Holy crap, Kristy Lee Cook countrified the Beatles "8 Days a Week" and she may have just done to the Beatles what Amanda did to Kansas. Painfully terrifying. Her voice isn't bad, but the beat/pace is way, way too fast - - it appears she can't keep up with the band. And what is with the constant big-eyed expressions to the camera? If it is her version of eyef*cking, she needs to see David C. pronto. David A. gets the pimp spot . . . and crashes and burns miserably! Okay, the kid is ONLY SEVENTEEN (surprisingly, neither Randy or Paula reminded us of that fact multiple times last night a la Jordin from last season) but he committed the greatest Idol cardinal sin. He forgot the lyrics. And worse, he seemed to gasp his way thru "We Can Work it Out". Maybe he was sick, don't know, but I'm surprised he passed up the opportunity to sing "Yesterday" or "Hey Jude". Regardless, he got his first critical backlash from the judges but no way will he get voted off. He's the producers' Chosen One and has a massive teen girl fan base behind him that probably dialed for 2 hours last night.

Best: David C.; Chikezie; Brooke
Worst: David H.; David A.; Kristy

*In case anyone was truly interested, Michael sang "Across the Universe".

Also forgot to mention the judges - - Randy was his usual "I don't know, Dawg" self - -nothing too insightful, nothing too harsh and nothing too rainbows and puppies. Paula was her usual Vicodin-meet-Vodka self - - blathering on after Chekezie's "where did that come from?" performance, she told him that the "rewards" were worth it, rather than the "risk". Reward, risk, it's all the same. (Seriously, did she and Jason share a bong before the show?) However, she did basically tell Kristy Lee Cook that she sucked all kinds of hot sh*t and when Ryan asked Paula if Kristy would go home after such a brutal rape of a Beatles song, rather than busting out her usual colors of the universe in a shining star kind of way, Paula actually says that Kristy has a fairly large fanbase that will probably save her. Ouch. Not exactly a stellar endorsement from our "Everybody is a winner!" judge. On the other hand, Simon seems to be (slowly) returning to his cranky self. Our resident puppy kicker didn't hesitate to call performances "karaoke"(Syesha, I think), "boring", "forgettable" and "a mess". On the bright side, he wore white rather than the usual black. On the downside, he and Ryan returned to their childish name calling and (not so) sly insinuations. Get a room already. Elimination ceremony tonight. Kristy deserves to go, but will probably be saved due to the harsh criticism, her holey jeans and her boobs. I'm guessing that Syesha will be the unlucky recipient of a ticket home. I predict that Ramiele will burst into tears (no surprise there). I also predict that Paula, in all her loopy glory, will remind Syesha that she is a shining star worthy of all the colors in the universe and this is the first day of the rest of her career (as what we don't know). Paula will then cry, which will probably make Ramiele cry harder, making Danny Noriega look like a Billy Badass.

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