April 30, 2008

American Idol: Neil Diamond Mentors, Paula Falters and Brooke Leaves

Source: DListed
Tuesday night's Idol was all kinds of a wonderful, painful, exhilarating hot mess. Paula's dosage needs to be changed because she effed up big time - - just more proof that the judges watch the Idols in rehearsal and base their comments more on their rehearsal performance than the live performances. Poor Jason was thrown under the bus repeatedly, and most painfully by "Pleasepleasepleaselikeme" Paula. I actually thought his performance of "Forever in Blue Jeans" suited his voice and style quite well - - was it blow-me-out-my-seat fantastic? No. But it was catchy and enjoyable. I do think his second performance was a bit dull and dated, but I don't think anyone had stellar performances with both song choices. Cookie is so clearly the one that should win - -but for his sake, I hope he comes in second. Let Archie be the perfect little Idol bot. I liked both of Cookie's performances but preferred the second one over the first one. I didn't know either of the songs, so maybe that's why Cookie was so enjoyable - - nothing to compare them to, so Cookie made them his own. He's definitely smart when it comes to song choice, and he knows what suits his voice. And holy smokes, but he is still bringing the sex-ay. My hormones are in overdrive on Tuesday nights (and not a bad thing, really, for Mr. PS) Brooke . . . ouch. As much as I like "I'm a Believer" and think it's a fun song, I don't know, it just didn't work for me. She seemed almost manic. For a minute, I thought she was sharing Jason's happy pills, because she looked as though she was singing out of the side of her mouth, as Jason does. She seemed to be having a good time, but it reminded me of "Here Comes the Sun" - - too much happy, too much sunshine. I think her second song was much better suited to her voice. She seems to do better when she's singing about pain and angst. Archie. I have no idea what kind of crack the judges are smoking but they really should lay off. RandyPaulaSimon, middle-of-the-road, unbiased judging can be your friend. Such clear and evident partiality need not be your name. "Sweet Caroline" was tolerable, but thank you, Archie, for forever after ruining "America" for me. I am convinced that this kid could sing "Disco Duck" and the judges would blow smoke up his ass and praise him like he'd just rewritten the Constitution. I know I am not tone deaf, so WTF? At least Simon avoided critiquing his singing performance with "America", just gave him props for song choice which was clever, I suppose, because who is going to boot the kid after singing America's glories? And someone please feel free to correct me, but everything Archie sings sounds EXACTLY THE SAME to me. If Jason can get a Mom-type lecture from Paula about venturing outside his comfort zone, when is Archie going to get that lecture, because the kid sounds the same week after week. Syesha was Syesha in the first song, although she didn't terrify me or punish me with the ridiculous glory notes. I thought her second effort was much better and, frankly, pretty darn good. She so obviously belongs in musical theater, since she has excelled 2 weeks in a row with it. But, IMO, she so obviously wants to be the next Whitney/Mariah/Celine. I also think Simon's statement about her being in trouble was ridiculous because (1), she's always in trouble; and (2) she gave one of the 2 strongest performances of the night (the other being Cookie). I think all he did was cause Syesha's fans to mobilize and go crazy voting - -and even those people who aren't fans to pick up the phone and dial for her, because it really did seem harsh and unjustified. Who should get the boot? Probably Jason. Who will? I'm guessing Brooke. I think Jason has too many female fans for him to go yet - - maybe next week. I think Brooke being in the middle, and giving one pretty bad performance, with one pretty good one, will cancel her out.

Update: Brooke got the boot. No big surprise. Brooke cried. No big surprise. Brooke forgot the words to her singout. No big surprise.

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