April 17, 2008


Source: DListed
There is your typical Hollywood level of delusion, there is the Tommy Boy Cruise "I'm King of the World!" level of delusion and then apparently Michael Lohan is taking it to new heights. Lindsay's daddy is claiming that his party-loving daughter is going to be a missionary in India.

Go and get that towel now to clean the Dr. Pepper or coffee or whatever it is you drink out of your keyboard because I know you spewed it everywhere upon reading that.

Michael Lohan is an ex-con turned youth minister and claims that LiLo has a wonderful heart, loves people and is very charitable. Yeah, if you consider letting the bag boy at Whole Foods or Ralph's put his penis in your vagina, that's pretty darn charitable. Or maybe he means LiLo's vajayjay has its own charity - - something along the lines of FREE LILO'S VAJAYJAY! You know that thing wants to pack up and find a new landlord. Anything that's seen more action than Tom Cruise's stilettos and Liberace collection is pretty scary.

Obviously LiLo's "people" are trying to clean up her image. Problem is that her past is pretty vivid, she doesn't appear to do much besides party and get laid and Dina Lohan is her mother. Besides, I'm sure when LiLo heard about this idea she was probably thinking being a missionary had something to do with a conventional sexual position.

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