April 16, 2008

Michael Johns Sent Home and I Demand a Recount

Shenanigans! I call major shenanigans!

Are we really expected to believe that Hot Michael gets voted off before Syesha "Bitchface Baby Cry" Mercado and Carly "I Fucked Up My Performance Because Simon Was Staring at Me" Smithson? Please!

While I will admit that it wasn't Hot Michael's best week or performance, it wasn't bad. It was enjoyable and entertaining. He did go in the craptastic first slot but Carly and Syesha's Ice Princess demeanors left them with absolutely no audience connection. Something Hot Michael has never had a problem with.

I think TPTB over at Idol couldn't let their plant (Carly) go, and wanted to even out the playing field. I don't think they expect Carly to win the whole thing but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they made a deal with her to reach the Top 4 or 5. I believe they hope by eliminating Hot Michael, his votes will go toward Carly. Not gonna happen, Idol. If anything, Hot Michael's votes will go to David Cook and/or Jason Castro.

I think they want David Archuleta to win the whole shebang. He is their perfect package. He is ONLY SEVENTEEN! and while he can sing, he is predictable, squeaky clean and, well, boring. Perfect Idol material!

But back to Hot Michael. Godspeed, Michael Johns. You were robbed. I hope that Dolly Parton follows thru with what she said during her mentor week and writes some great songs for you. I hope you become a more successful singer than Idol ever gave you credit for. You'll be missed.

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