April 30, 2008

Mommy and Daddy Had to Write a Big Check

One of People's "Most Beautiful" in February; Source: DListed

Otherwise how else would Rumer Willis be named one of People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful?

Yes, I know that People magazine is basically the fluffer, if not the flat out, fellatio-providing celebrity magazine. I know their Most Beautiful list is generally full of celebrities with the best spokespeople and current "It" celebs who have a chef, trainer and makeup artist on standby, so they damn well should look good. But RUMER WILLIS?

I'm sorry but that girl is a genetic tragedy. Every time I look at her picture I find myself thinking "gee, I hope she has a good personality" and "it's a good thing Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are her parents, otherwise . . ."

How on earth did Rumer Willis make this list? Even on her best day, let's be honest, she's still just "okay". On her worst days, she has full on been bludgeoned by the ugly stick.

So what reason could People have, other than Daddy Bruce and Mommy Demi's checkbook, to include Rumer? Yes, she's got some minor film roles coming up, but doesn't everyone in Tinseltown?

Does Rumer have that good of a PR person? And if she does, she certainly needs to give that person a raise. It's okay, her parents can afford it.

What the f????; Photo Source: DListed

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