April 11, 2008

Psychotic Mailbag

Lourdes writes:

I understand this is your article (http://psychoticstate.blogspot.com/2007/11/nick-hogan-off-to-jail.html)
and you may write whatever you want but
FYI Just because YOU don't like him
[Nick "Hogan" Bollea] doesn't mean he deserves to go to jail. This has happened
to alot of teens, a friend of mine was run over by one of our
friends and
may he RIP he was a vegetable, his family had to disconnect him. Its
awful experience for everyone involved, Its no one's FAULT John died. But in
all fairness he CHOSE to get in the car with his irresponsible friend. They
been friends since childhood, I'm sure it was never Nick's intention to
anyone. I'm sorry you don't like the Hogans, and I hope karma runs its
course to
anyone who deserves the bitch.


I thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to drop me a comment. However, the decision for the State of Florida to issue an arrest warrant on Nick Bollea (his real name, BTW) has absolutely nothing to do with my dislike for him, nor anyone else's. He deserves jail time because he broke the law, plain and simple. And while breaking the law, his negligence caused injury to another human being, namely John Graziano. Just because John chose to get in the car with Bollea does not mean that he chose to have his skull broken in an accident, or even had any indication that an accident would result from Bollea's conduct. I'm not saying, either, that Bollea had intentions for anyone to get hurt. But the fact remains that in their first official statement, the Bollea family expressed sorrow that criminal charges were being filed. Not sorrow that Bollea's friend John Graziano was comatose and clinging to life. Further, they exacerbated the situation by bringing up the fact that the "tragedy" was compounded by John not wearing a seatbelt.

And for all their public statements of "tragedy" and "sorrow" it was never reported that the Bollea/Hogan family offered any type of assistance, financial or otherwise, to the Graziano family. Don't you think if they had, it would have been reported? Now I'm sure their spokespeople and attorneys told them not to say anything, not to admit to anything but you would think the decent, moral part of someone would want to do the right thing, attorneys and spokespeople be damned.

Again, it is an awful thing and yes, as teenagers we do silly, stupid things. But I don't consider putting a so-called friend in the hospital and on permanent disability a "stupid" thing. And yes, accidents do happen. But if Nick Bollea had stepped up like the man he probably thought he was being, when he decided to drink and speed race on wet pavement, and own up to his actions and mistakes, I wouldn't bestow upon him "Tool for Life". And if he wasn't Hulk Hogan's son, he would be in jail and no one would think twice about it.

As a bit of an update, Hulk Hogan is being sued over the accident, as Nick was legally a minor at the time of the crash. Before you feel any sympathy for the Hogan/Bollea family, look at the images of the crash below.

Source: jalopnik.com

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