April 17, 2008

Psychotic Ramblings

I always used to say when I was younger that I would never sound like those old farts who complained about other drivers and who thought 16 year olds shouldn't be endangering our roadways.
I have officially crossed over to the other side because not only do I think Great Britain has the right idea making people wait until they are 18 to drive, but the vast majority of drivers on the road completely piss me off.
I really don't need to comment further on making the mandatory driving age (without an authorized driver in the car with you) 18 - - check out your resident 16 year old and that's all I really need to say.
However . . . what has happened to common courtesy on the roads? What I am refering to mainly are the slowpoke drivers that insist on staying in the left lane. Look, people. It's nothing personal when I want to pass you. I don't know you, I probably won't see you again. It's just that I want to get somewhere quicker than you are willing to go and the general rule of the road is that slower traffic keeps to the right, so that passing is done to the left. I know I am not the oldest person on the road out there so there really is no excuse for others not to know this.
So why do people doing the speed limit, or less, insist on keeping their four wheels firmly in the left lane? It really can be hazardous to try and pass them on the right, while avoiding the car that is justifiably using the right lane because he or she is going slower.
Worse are the drivers who speed up when you attempt to pass them, forcing you to accelerate (and burn up a gallon of gas - - or about $3.25 in my neck of the woods) to get around them. More than likely, once you do get around them and get into the left lane, they ride your bumper like you've run over their bunny or something.
Once again . . . people! This isn't personal. No one is targeting you because you're driving the pimped out minivan. Laughing at you, maybe.
And you cell phone yakking drivers . . . you know who you are . . . yes, the ones who are so busy concentrating on their phone call that they slow down, speed up, slow down, speed up. You are pissing the rest of us off. If you must yak on the phone, pull off the road. Because you obviously cannot multitask. Don't believe me? Try chewing gum, while rubbing your belly and patting your head. See? So either pull off the road or hang up. Your schizoid driving makes it that much more difficult for us to correctly judge how much time and space we have to get around the Strictly Speed Limit or Under driver that is messing up the left lane.
So, in short. Slow traffic keep right. Cell phoneys that can't multitask need to hang up (preferably) or pull off. And the legal driving age should be 18. Problems solved.

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