May 12, 2008

Can Lohan Fall Any Further?

Image Source: Mollygood
Hard to believe it's been only four short years since Lohan had her breakout role in Mean Girls, where she not only looked cute (and age appropriate) but was apparently an It Girl in waiting. Not so much anymore.

Lohan was dropped from the indie flick The Manson Girls, where she was set to play Nancy Pitman, a spoiled surfer girl who falls under the messiah-like spell of Charles Manson pre-Helter Skelter. Word is the producers could not find other actors and actresses willing to act with the troubled starlet, who was getting a huge break by getting this movie - - she hasn't been seen onscreen since 2007's stinker I Know Who Killed Me.

Lohan's rep, quite naturally, fired back with a questionable statement that Lohan turned down the film because she had other commitments that prevented her from taking on The Manson Girls.

I suppose promoting her leggings line would be "other commitments" because, seriously, who is going to hire her skanky, used up ass at this point? She's a liability, plain and simple.

So as if Lohan isn't persona non grata around Hollywood enough, she's also been accused of having sticky fingers - - and not from the booze and coke.

Lohan was accused of stealing an $11,000 fur coat from some model I have never heard of. And Lohan being Lohan (in other words, one sandwich short of a picnic) she actually wore the pilfered fur after taking it and allowed her photograph to be taken, while wearing it. Yeah, the Lohans were bellying up to the bar when the intelligence gene was being handed out.

After that PR mess got sorted out, former roommate Lauren Hastings accused Lohan of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from her closets, while Lohan was officially housesitting and unofficially throwing a decadent party and using Hastings' closets as her own personal Robertson and Melrose.

Lohan's rep issued a statement, refuting Hastings' claims, stating that Hastings' story isn't true and "it's not what it seems". What does that mean? Is that fancy PR talk for "yeah, Lohan took the clothes but she thought since she was a celebrity, she could do that"? Because that's the vibe I'm getting.

How much longer is Lohan truly going to last in Hollywood? It's obvious that the real players don't want to work with her and her reputation is lower than the gutter.

Ali Lohan better watch out. Mama Dina will need a new cash cow.

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