May 13, 2008

Daddy Archuletta Gets Banned

Image Source: A Socialite's Life
It was only a matter of time, folks, if the stories coming out of American Idol are true. And seeing as how producers that will allow annoying celebrities like Teri Hatcher, Judge Judy to attend their shows but will ban Archie's dad from the rehearsals, it's gotta be true.

It's been rumored that Mr. Archie has been creating a stink from day one, so insistent is he that his spawn win this competition. Last week, however, he wanted Archie to use a line from Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls", inserted into Archie's version of Ben E. King's little ditty of "Stand by Me". The Idol producers told Archie and Mr. Archie not to use Kingston's line because it would make them liable to pay up for using it. Mr. Archie decided that he knows far more than some stupid producers that have only been running this show for the last seven seasons and told his beleaguered meal ticket to go ahead. Archie did and the Idol producers got slapped with a bill from Mr. Kingston's publishers.

You know, Mr. Archie might very well be this kid's downfall. I thought for sure that Archie was the obvious shoe-in as the winner of Season 7 - - he's young (ONLY SEVENTEEN!) and malleable but his dad is part of the deal (kind of like hiring Katie Holmes, you know Tom Cruise, Scientology and being brain dead is part of the asking price) and if his dad is being difficult now, imagine what the Napoleonic little terror is going to be like if Archie was a recording artist. Hmmm.

If the producers aren't going to take Mr. Archie out back and put him down, they might better slip him some of Paula's Vicodin and vodka mix. Then he'll be seeing chihuahuas and all colors of the rainbow.

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