May 8, 2008

Mischa Serves Up Some Whine With that Cheese

Image Source: DListed

I think the paparazzi can get out of hand. Truly, I do. When a celebrity (wanna-be or otherwise) has to worry in the privacy of his or her own home, or worries about their children being affected by the ever-present media, I think things get out of hand. After all, I was one of the believers in the media-as-the-monster when Princess Diana died. Don't judge, you know you were too.

So when a pap will actually warn a celebrity who is sunbathing topless that she can be seen and pictures will be taken, and that celebrity chooses to ignore the photographer, I say she probably gets what's coming to her.

Such is the case with Mischa Barton. Mischa was sunbathing, sans bathing suit top, when photographer Jamie Fawcett, who warned her beforehand about going topless with photographers around, took her picture.

Mischa responded with "He's a ridiculous human being. I've never abhorred anyone more. I was so angry, I went up to him and said how disappointed I was with his behaviour. He apologized but he was very insincere."

Um, why was Mr. Fawcett apologizing? Shouldn't Mischa have listened to his advice and thanked him? Oh yeah, wait . . . she's the celebrity. Rules don't apply to her.

So the picture showed up all over the place and it's pretty bad. Girlfriend has some serious cellulite issues for someone who is 22.

So Mischa had to speak out again, because, let's face it, bad publicity is still publicity and Mischa needs publicity because, really, no one has cared much since that frightening picture of her ex Cisco Adler and his low hangers. Mischa, through her PR peep, says that the photos are doctored and would give the Suri Cruise Vanity Fair photoshopped pics a run for their money.

All together now . . . Bitch, please!

Somehow I think if the pictures had come out flattering, Mischa wouldn't be complaining nearly as much.

Image Source: DListed

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