May 13, 2008


Photo Source: A&E
Stop the dog and pony ride, I want off!

One of my favorite shows, A&E's The First 48 is no longer going to tape in Memphis!! No!! It can't be! Those Memphis detectives are my absolute favorites. Especially Caroline Mason. Love, love, love her! Where else am I supposed to learn how to choose the right bag, stylish and yet large enough to carry my service revolver? How else am I supposed to learn how to present just right with my lipgloss, eyeliner and curling iron, before making an arrest? Well, hell!

The peeps over at A&E claim not to know why the city of Memphis is robbing the rest of the country of Sgt. Mason's awesomeness; the Memphis Police Department is being quoted as saying that the homicide detectives need a break. Does that mean the perps will stop killing each other? Didn't think so. City leaders claim that the show has given Memphis a bad rap. "Memphis is not unlike any other urban city where we have our challenges, but it's certainly a great place to live, and we want to advocate that to others and encourage them to visit our city." Please! The homicide detectives close those cases in under 48 hours. How is that a bad rap?

I certainly hope Memphis changes its mind. I need my Thursday fix of Sgt. Mason, Mitch Oliver, Kevin Lundy and Tony Mullins. These people are all kinds of awesomeness.

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