June 5, 2008

Brad Pitt is an Idiot

Photo Source: DListed

No, not for leaving Jennifer Aniston or taking up with Angelina Jolie. I'm over that. I'm not a fan of either lady but AJ definitely comes across more assertive and confident than JA does - - who seems like a crying, whiny mess to me most of the time.

Anyway, I digress.

Brad is an idiot because he actually paid nearly $300,000 (okay, $293,000 but what's the extra $7,000 really?) for this ugly ass table. What are you supposed to do with this? He does remember he has kids, right? Like half a dozen of them? This table is a concussion or permanent brain injury waiting to happen.

Suddenly now JA's comment about finally being able to buy a comfy couch on her divorce from Brad makes all kinds of sense.

See below for more ugly furniture (including those ridiculous chairs at $25,000 a pop) that gullible Brad got ripped off buying.

Photo Source: DListed


Anonymous said...

actually each of these have made pretty significant impacts on furniture design. In all honesty hes gotten a bargain by buying in early. Perhaps you'd do us the favor of telling what is not ugly, oh swami of interior design

Kell said...

What are you nuts anonymous?
That ridiculous price tag couldn't justify even the most cutting edge furniture designs.
Not to mention i believe the general consensus would find them pretty hideous, and extremely impractical even if he didn't have a basketball team of children living with him.

Anonymous said...

the mans a moron for hooking up with that crazy hag.

Anonymous said...

what a hag

Anonymous said...

Those are pieces by very influential designers. I would love to have that Max Lamb chair. Those are only going to go up in value. Clearly you dont know anything about design. Probably American.

Doc said...
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Anonymous said...

Not really, it looks like something that one might find at Ikia, for about thirty bucks.