June 12, 2008

Did The Clooney Dump His Ex Via the Media?

Does anyone remember that episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie wakes up to find that Berger has dumped her via a Post-It note? Cold. Really cold. Can't imagine anything too much worse, short of getting stood up at the altar. Oh, and maybe finding out that you've been given the pink slip by reading about it on the internet or the newspaper.

George Clooney's longtime (hey, for him a year plus is a pretty long time) sweetie got the heave ho (or is it heave, HO!) from The Clooney after she reportedly got breast implants and he didn't like them. Hmmm, maybe he's an ass man?

Anyhoo, Sarah Larsen should have known that The Clooney is not a man to be tied down. You don't marry The Clooney. If you're smart, you work out a longterm unmarried relationship like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn but you can't expect marriage to be part of the deal. The Clooney has been very clear about this. Sarah obviously overplayed her hand and tried to be more than just The Clooney's main girl. Bad Sarah.

A "source" claims that now that Sarah is famous, she won't go back to cocktailing (The Clooney met her in Vegas, where she was a cocktail waitress). Now that's funny. Apparently cocktailing was a decent enough way to make a living prior to The Clooney, but now that Sarah has "had" The Clooney, she's "famous" and therefore above waitressing. I've met Steve Young, Ryan Klesko, Mark Koteras, Joe Morgan, Three Dog Night and Hall and Oates, as well as seeing Carmen Electra in person in California and Carrot Top in Vegas. Does that mean I can quit my office job? Didn't think so.

She'll be in Playboy before the end of the year, bet on it. And probably back in Vegas by next year.
Source: DListed

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