June 5, 2008

Shut Your Piehole, Part 2

Photo Source: DListed
Really, the Hogan/Bollea family continues to amaze me with their compassion and dedication to humanity.

That spoiled piece of shit, Nick Bollea, was sentenced to 8 months in jail for driving the car last year that put his friend John Graziano into a coma, resulting in permanent brain damage.

First, taped conversations between Cry Baby and his mother, Linda, were released, where Cry Baby cries about how unfair it is that he's in jail, he has to stay in his cell all day and there are no windows, blah, blah, blah. STFU. You're in jail, you dumb bitch. It's not supposed to be like a spa vacation. At least you get sprung after 8 months. John Graziano has a permanent jail sentence.

And how freaking stupid are these people anyway? Don't they know that all conversations and correspondence in prison are monitored? Duh!

Instead of telling her Cry Baby son to suck it up, be a man and take his punishment, Linda sympathizes with him, telling him it is indeed so totally unfair. Shut your piehole!

So Cry Baby asked the court to transfer him from solitary confinement to monitored home confinement until he turns 18. Because he's under 18, he cannot be in the prison's minimum security area. Ha! I think I would be relieved to be in solitary. I've seen the movies, I know what goes on in men's prisons.

Cry Baby's attorneys said that his “current confinement is neither fair nor acceptable and creates a mental and physical health risk to a seventeen year old.” Really? I'm sure John Graziano's parents feel that their son's current and permanent confinement isn't fair or acceptable either. Where is the sympathy for John?

Anyhow, the judge turned down Cry Baby's request for home confinement. That was a no brainer. If the judge was going to do that, why not just give little old Cry Baby a slap on the wrist and a full apology from the state of Florida? But Cry Baby did get a little bit favor. He was transferred out of his solitary confinement cell (which does have windows, by the way) and into a shared cell, with three other juveniles and a TV.

I'm sure that will be much better than having a cell to himself. I'm sure Cry Baby's new cellmates all have their own reality shows, have a celebrity of sorts as a father and have their cushy lifestyles to go back to when this prison nonsense is out of the way.

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