July 24, 2008

Brooke Hogan Achieves New Level of Stupidity

Photo Source: DListed

She may not be all that into voting, but apparently she's considering stripping.

Mere days after this mental genius claimed that she didn't vote because it just wasn't her thing, and she didn't feel that our country should have a female president because women are too emotional and suffer from PMS, Playboy magazine has offered Brooke big bucks to appear in their magazine.

Not that I am a Playboy patron, but I wouldn't want to see Brooke Hogan naked if I was a man. She seriously looks like she would beat the shit out of you - -and that she might have been born male. She certainly looks more manly than her brother, Cry Baby.

And if Playboy knows what's good for them, they certainly won't attempt to interview her. My head hurts just thinking of her expounding on why women shouldn't be allowed in the White House. If we women are so emotional, Brooke, why not boycott us as well in the hospitals, police stations, fire stations, military, courthouses, schools . . . heck, the list goes on and on. After all, we are so emotional, God knows we couldn't make a clear and rational decision, like . . . oh, we're just not that into voting, or whether or not to take our clothes off publicly . . . to save our lives.

Maybe it's good this twit doesn't vote.

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