July 24, 2008

Is Pamela Anderson Broke?

Photo Source: DListed

First, it was being some magician's assistant in Vegas. Then the bargain basement sale of her cheesy furniture. Now she claims that while she and Tommy Lee are living under one roof, they aren't "together". Hmmm, might be news to Lee, who said last month that he and Anderson were together again, for the (fill in the blank)th time.

So is Anderson living with Lee because she's broke? (Meaning Hollywood broke, not normal people broke). It would make sense -- she probably had to pay Kid Rock to get out of that marriage and we all know she must have paid Rick Solomon to end that "blink and you'll miss it" marriage. Didn't she sleep with him to get out of a $250,000 poker debt?

My guess is that Lee and Anderson are living together, sleep with each other when they are both home and have the freedom to do other people at their leisure. Shouldn't be long before we hear of their (fill in the blank)th split.

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