July 17, 2008

Stunt Casting or Runt Casting?

Photo Source: JustJared
So someone actually hired Katie Holmes and not as an incredibly lifelike department store mannequin but in a cameo spot on TV's Eli Stone. Originally it was rumored that Little Lord Tommy Boy was making the appearance, but the stories were quickly corrected to reflect that it was his beleagured-wife who was clocking in.

Anyone who thinks that Katie was hired because of her gifted acting abilities, please take two steps forward and I'll be right with you while I gather the information on the Florida swampland I'm going to sell you.

For anyone who is scratching their head over why the Stone producers would hire someone like Katie Holmes, the answer is very simple. Publicity. Sure, they knew they were getting someone who can emote about as well as Paris Hilton. But they also knew they were getting someone as PR-worthy as Ms. Hilton. Katie Holmes' appearance on their show would (hopefully) help to boost lukewarm ratings on the series and the best part for them? It's a cameo part, so her presence is only temporary.

Meaning that Little Lord Tommy Boy's presence is also temporary. You didn't know? Of course Tommy Boy was there while his bought bot recited her lines. It's not like he has much else going on and calling People magazine to report his likely "casual" and "unplanned" "dropping by" on the set was probably a better idea than calling People to let them know he is still doing reshoots for the ultimately doomed Valkyrie.

So is this Mrs. Cruise's "return to television"? If so, it's a huge statement. Katie Holmes was supposed to be the next big "It" girl in films. Katie Holmes had supposedly graduated beyond television and shows like Dawson's Creek. Katie Holmes is due to make her debut on Broadway this fall.

But critics are already panning her casting, before she has even taken the stage. Reports out of New York are that ticket sale projects are dismal.

And what about Katie's last movies? Mad Money was a flop, financially and with Katie receiving negative reviews. Before that, we have to go back at least two years - - Thank You For Smoking was well done, but Katie's role was minimal and she was obviously sorely miscast in the part. Her last "big" movie was Batman Begins and without a doubt, she was the weakest link in a strong film.

The Dark Knight opens this weekend, minus Katie (who claims to have chosen the limp Mad Money over the proven franchise). Coincidence that this week Katie is filming a guest spot on t.v.?

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