August 6, 2008

Lock Them All Up

I generally don't follow missing children cases too carefully because, sadly, there are so many and in seems that in most instances the parent(s) are somehow involved.

The Caylee Anthony story is a bit different because this 2 year old was missing for 30 days before the authorities were notified. And they weren't notified by Caylee's mother, Casey, but by her maternal grandmother, Cindy, who sounded the alarm after not seeing Caylee for a month and noticing that Casey's car smelled like a decomposing body.

I don't know which is the bigger red flag - - the child's mother not notifying anyone of her toddler daughter being missing for more than ten minutes or the car bearing an unmistakable odor.

Well, here is the kicker, as far as I'm concerned. Cindy Anthony has apparently done an about face and stated that she believes 100% that her daughter had nothing to do with Caylee's disappearance and the odor in the car? Moldy pizza.

This is beyond denial. This is a flat out obstruction of justice. I understand that Casey is Cindy's daughter, but what about Caylee? Who is looking out for her best interests? Certainly not Cindy and George Anthony, who appear more concerned about Casey being in jail.

And let's not have an ounce of sympathy for Casey, who has not only been pictured out partying with friends during the time her daughter was missing, but who had apparently been lying to her parents for over a year that she had a job and was going to work each day, while leaving their house, where she was residing with Caylee, but whose car was found abandoned, with Caylee's hair in the trunk. Yes, the same car that smelt of decomposing flesh, or moldy pizza, depending on who you believe. And the Anthonys had a concrete slab poured in their backyard after Caylee allegedly went missing.

It seems pretty clear to me. For whatever reason, Casey Anthony killed her daughter, put her daughter in the trunk of her car and drove around with her body in the car for at least a day or so, to account for the odor. Then she was removed from the car and likely buried under the concrete slab in the backyard. Cadaver dogs got a "hit" on Casey's car and the slab in the Anthony backyard.

Casey Anthony has already been arrested on child endangerment charges, as well as obstructing a criminal investigation and making false official statements. I say the Florida authorities arrest Cindy and George Anthony as well, because I think they know full well what happened to Caylee, and see who rolls on the other first.

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