August 20, 2008

The New Peach Pit?

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I am a fanatical lover of the cheese known as the original Beverly Hills 90210. No logical reason why, I just do.

The CW, in its questionable wisdom, decided that a new 90210 for 2008 is just the ticket and it's due to debut on (wait for it) . . . 09/02. Clever.

The new cast has been shooting what is sure to be a complete and total assfest and despite good old Nat not returning as far as we know, the Peach Pit will, however, be a returning character.

Exhibit A. The "new" Peach Pit. I hate it. Very Californian in appearance, very trendy, very Melrose or Rodeo Drive. Is this the kind of place that Brenda would have played as Laverne? Where Brandon and his Shelf of Hair would have worn a turquoise and wine red uniform? Not likely. It looks very much how the Peach Pit After Dark should have looked - - an idea that I hated, by the way.
So we have the "new" Peach Pit. Minus Nat. So who will be running it? It would be all kinds of hoots and hollers if big, dumb Noah returned to run the upgraded Pit. Poor Noah. He was all kinds of stupid and certainly got the short end of the stick all the way around. First, he got stuck in business with Val and in bed with Donna. Then, once the series looked to be ending, Donna and David had to get back together in a hurry and so Noah was cast somewhat adrift, left to practice his bad acting on some tertiary female character with an equally bad child actor. I think watching those particular episodes was more painful than a root canal.
I am disappointed that Brandon won't be returning. Bring him back from Washington, D.C. and let him become the new owner of the Peach Pit. We all know Brandon was much better at flipping burgers than he ever was at writing news stories.

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