August 14, 2008

Tommy Out of Salt

For months, Little Lord Tommy has been attached to the pending project Edwin A. Salt, about a good spy being accused of being a bad spy and having to go on the run to clear his name. Been done a million times before and probably won't call for any particularly strong acting chops. In other words, right up Tommy's alley.

However, Tommy has apparently been unceremoniously shown the door and replaced with Angelina Jolie. No matter what kind of reviews he's getting in Tropical Thunder, no matter what his people say, Little Lord Tommy is rapidly sliding down the rungs of the Hollywood ladder and will soon be joining his robotic wife on the C-list (if he's not there already).

This is big. This is huge. Tommy isn't being replaced because he's asking for too much money, or because the project is being held up for financing or didn't get greenlit. And it's not being reported that producers wanted to take the character himself on a different path (i.e., making him a her). In fact, all reports thus far suggest that Ms. Jolie expressed an interest in the film and from that interest, the part was rewritten to accommodate her.

That leads me to believe that this is about Tommy and Valkyrie. Hollywood insiders are saying that you can smell Valkyrie's cheese all the way to The Cube in Beijing. Many reshoots and retakes and a release date that has been pushed back a good three times over does not usually signal a blockbuster, or even a sleeper hit.

How low on the totem pole do you have to be to not only lose out on a role you've been attached to for months, based on another thespian's interest in the project, but a thespian of the opposite sex? Oh, BURN.

Karmic retribution is a bitch, Tommy, and I don't think it's over yet.

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