December 11, 2008

An Early Christmas Present!

Source: DListed
Boy, Tom Cruise is saturating the media this week, isn't he? It's not like he has a film coming out . . . oh wait.

This is literally too good to be true. The Mini Messiah was in Toronto, giving interviews for Valkyrie (I suppose he's hoping that someone in Canada will go see this potential bomb since we Americans don't give a rat's ass about Tommy's movies much anymore), and he lost his Blackberry! Ha!

Now remember, this is a man who claimed that he didn't have modern technology - - he didn't own a cellphone, watch or Blackberry - - despite the fact that he'd been photographed wearing or using all three.

So apparently Tommy realized the gadget was missing after he gave some sure to be boring ass interview, asked around and no one copped to having found or stolen the device. Score!

I hope and pray that some heartless, materialistic soul sells the information on that Blackberry to the National Enquirer. I know the Enquirer will print all the goodies on Tommy's phone, from copies of his contract with Katie to a remote-start switch that activates her.

If you have his Blackberry, contact me. I'd be willing to take my son's Christmas presents back to the store for cash to pay you for those contents.

Please, please, let it be so. Christmas would come early this year!

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