January 30, 2009

Dishing on the California Octuplets

Image Source: DListed
By now, I'm sure everyone has heard the story about the woman in California who gave birth to 8 screaming babies this week. Honestly, when I heard that, I thought first, this woman's uterus and vagina deserve a medal and secondly, she had better be checking her rearview mirror for Michelle Duggar's crazy ass.

So it turns out that this woman is only 33 years old and already has six children at home. All under the age of eight. As if that's not insane enough, she apparently filed for bankrutpcy last year and was forced to move back in with her parents, to their 3 bedroom home in Whittier. Yes, that's right. Three adults and six children, before this week, living in a 3 bedroom home. What are they going to do with the additional eight babies that will be coming home?

Conceiving eight babies naturally is practically unheard of, so we certainly don't need a medical specialist to confirm, or at least hint at, the fact this woman used some type of medical intervention. Like IVF.

What I want to know is, who paid for this? IVF isn't cheap. I have heard it's $10,000-$15,000 per pop. Not all insurance companies pay for this and I would doubt that a woman who is most likely unemployed and has filed bankruptcy can afford some of the more premium healthcare insurance plans.

And that's assuming that the IVF took on the first attempt, which isn't always likely.

As if that's not sketchy enough, I want to know what doctor made the supposedly medically sound and ethically correct decision to implant eight fertilized eggs in a 33 year old woman with six other children at home - - the youngest of whom are twins, at 2. Obviously this woman is fertile and appears to have little difficulty conceiving. What would the point be of medical intervention?

I think there needs to be an investigation of what went on here and at Kaiser. The taxpayers of the State of California deserve at least that - - since it has been reported that she already lives on welfare and state assistance. If true, what on earth is she doing getting pregnant again, whether it be a single birth or eight? Who is going to pay for the daily care and needs of the additional eight children she has brought into the world?

Let's hope a proper investigation is done and that a network like TLC doesn't show up with a reality show offer . . . which I believe is part of this woman's true motiviation. TLC and the general media has made minor celebrities out of Michelle Duggar and Jon and Kate Plus 8. The last thing we need is for more misguided and morally bankrupt people to bring children into this world for financial gain.

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