January 8, 2009

It's Time to Take Off the Tin Foil Hats

Photo: demensionszine.com
Seriously. It must be an incredibly slow news week or John Travolta has really pissed a lot of people off because some gossip sites are insinuating there is some kind of devious underhanded cover up going on with Jett's death.

One website is suggesting that the Travoltas have photoshopped and doctored up photographs of Jett that they have released to the press, so that he looks more "normal" and that his jawline resembles his father's. Another finds it suspicious that while the official story was that Jett was going to be buried in Florida and a hearse, ostensibly with a coffin inside, was waiting at the Bahamian airport, Jett was actually being cremated.

First . . . does anyone think the Travoltas doctoring photographs of Jett sounds absolutely ridiculous? Jett wasn't kept locked in a cellar. He was seen out and about with his family, although not with the frequency of Suri Cruise. In fact, he was seen out and about in Paris with his family just two or three weeks ago - - an event that was caught on video as well as photographed. Don't you think if the Travoltas were that uncomfortable over his appearance, they would have kept him hidden?

Second . . . whether the Travoltas choose to bury their son or cremate him is their business. It is none of ours. As to why he would be "secretly" cremated, again, they don't owe us or anyone else an announcement that their child is being cremated. And if they had? The same media that was camped out at the airport, reporting that a hearse allegedly containing Jett's body was there, would have been camped out at the funeral home or crematorium. I don't blame the Travoltas one bit for letting the media think they were returning Jett's body to Florida for burial. Anyone remember what happened with Dana Plato? Photographs of her dead or dying were taken and then sold to a tabloid. Look at what happened to Princess Diana - -photos of her dead or dying were taken and attempted to be sold to tabloids. I am sure the Travoltas did not want to see photographs of Jett splashed across a weekly tabloid with the godawful title of "Jett's Last Picture!"

Let's back off the Travoltas, please, and shine the light where it should be - - on the Church of Scientology.

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