February 12, 2009

American Idol: Joanna Pacitti this season's Carly Smithson?

When I was originally starting this post it was basically to bitch about how American Idol didn't learn anything from last season and the entire Carly Smithson debacle. I couldn't stand Carly, mainly because it didn't seem right to me that someone who had already had an album produced and even a music video made should be taking the place of some smalltown Joe Blow, whose only chance at singing for the masses (outside of karaoke) would be a show like Idol. After all, wasn't that the original premise of Idol? To pluck some unknown out of obscurity and make them into a star?

So it appeared that Season 8 was duplicating that horrendous formula, only Carly Smithson 2.0 (otherwise known as Joanna Pacitti) has 2 albums, previous contracts with Geffen and A&M, music videos and even appeared on a reality show. Hardly an unknown. Even more infuriating is that, once in Hollywood, Joanna Pacitti went down in shitacular style.

Simon decreed that "you forget the lyrics, you're out!" Obviously he forgot a tiny little footnote - - unless the judges really, really like you and/or you're Joanna Pacitti. Because Joanna Pacitti not only forgot the lyrics but her singing was so craptastic you just had to wonder how she got past the auditions. Oh yeah, connections . . .

So last night she inexplicably (connections, connections) made the Final 36 cut - - complete with Simon defending her once again, by telling Kara that Joanna Pacitti will quit sucking balls once someone gives her a chance. Because I suppose two previous record labels and music videos really isn't giving a girl a fighting chance.

This morning, Fox announced Pacitti was getting the royal boot by stating "It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition." Yep, that's it.

I seriously doubt that the Idol producers just now realized Pacitti's connections. More likely, Star breaking the story took further credibility away from a show that is already struggling with being considered "reality" t.v.

I, for one, am glad that Idol won't force us to watch Pacitti perform and the judges lavish her with mostly undue praise, a la Carly Smithson. I'd much rather use my energy comparing the crazy levels in Tatiana Del Toro, Crazy Headband Loving Nathaniel, Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell and Paula.

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The Prodigal Tourist said...

I gave up on American Idol years ago (after Clay Aiken, maybe?), but I do love your wonderful use of adjectives!