February 15, 2009

Diane Downs: No Parole

I'm a bit late on getting this news but back in December, convicted killer Diane Downs was denied parole after serving 25 years in prison.

Downs was convicted of shooting her three children back in 1983, killing one. The prosecution claimed that she felt the children were in her way of a relationship with a married man, who broke off the relationship with Downs claiming he did not wish to be a father. Downs has always denied killing her children.

However, over the years her story of what happened that murder night has changed remarkably. Initially, it was a bushy haired stranger that flagged her car down on a remote country road and who then opened fire into the car and on her children. Then she claimed two men in ski masks were responsible. Then it was a man she stopped to smoke marijuana with.

As of her most recent parole hearing in December, Downs claims that she was dating a man who purported to be an FBI agent. She was allegedly driving to meet a man who had documents for an investigation. Further, she brought a book to her parole hearing in which she claims the murder of an uncle and some connection to the State Department.

I wouldn't classify Downs as unhinged but I would say she's wildly fantastic. One of the best accounts of Diane Downs' life and her crimes is Ann Rule's Small Sacrifices. A read of that book will clearly demonstrate how narcissistic and ultimately self-destructive Downs was and is. It seems her lies and fabrications continue today and she is right where she should be and where she should remain.

Source of Photos: shotsmag.co.uk


nonk9 said...

dear brain-dead moron. diane downs is innocent. she was set up by former LCDA Pat Horton and USDC-OR Magistrate Tommy Coffin. Get your fucking facts straight, dumb fuck.

Anonymous said...

Diane Down is a filthy whore whom should remain in prison for the rest of her natural life for the murder and attempted murder of her children. Why don't you write Diane a letter telling HER to get HER facts straight. I have never heard such jibberish in my life. And seriously, why would her daughter, whom loved her and still loves her, say that her mother did it if she hadn't?? What a waste. She's pure garbage.

Lori Johnston said...

nonk9, it really doesn't matter what I think or you think. Downs was found guilty in a court of law and convicted. So legally, she is indeed GUILTY.
I am curious to know what evidence there is that she was set up by anyone, much less a judge. What purpose would these people have to set her up? At the time of the crimes, initially, the public was behind Downs. The prosecution wasn't very popular for charging her. So again, what would the point be?
And did they set up her oldest daughter as well? Because she identified her mother in court as the shooter.
And if you want straight facts, read the court record. Those are the facts, not Diane Downs' distorted and delusional versions of what happened.

Anonymous said...

diane downs' case interests me. can't for the life of me figure out why she would think she could get away w/something so stupid. even in the early 80's forensic science was well advanced; don;t know about dna back then. the woman should remain in prison until the day after she dies. nonk9, you are a silly person.

Thaddeus said...

Downs is not intelligent. Even going to her parole hearing with a crazy paranoid tale is a sign of her lack of intelligence.

As to the crime, she was in the midst of erotomania, a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. That can make a person of limited intelligence believe that life will find a way to make her ideal love complete.

Yes, she's a sociopath and narcissistic but she is also delusional. Add a weirdly dysfunctional hyper-Christian family of origin and you have a kind of crazy soup.