February 15, 2009

Kenseth Wins the Daytona 500!

Yes, the rain was balls but my driver won! MATT KENSETH WON!!

And he won fair and square to all the whiners and complainers and naysayers out there. Any Nascar fan knows that once the race goes over the halfway point, it's pretty much official. And when there has been rain in the area, rain in the forecast and the skies are getting cloudy, you need to start thinking track position.

Matt did just that. Of course, he was also helped out by Dale Jr.'s wee collision with the back of Brian Vickers' car - - a bumper kiss that took 10 drivers with it, knocking out the race leader Kyle Busch. And opponent Kevin Harvick giving him a bit of a boost, as Harvick coasted into second place. Thanks, Kevin!

Way to go, Matt!! Your first Daytona win . . . and hopefully a sign of a winning season!
Photos: Motorsport.com

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