February 6, 2009

An Open Letter to TLC and Any Other Companies Who Want to Pay Nadya Suleman

Dear TLC and/or any other company or entity who wishes to pay Nadya Suleman for her selfishness and stupidity:

I realize that our society has gotten incredibly self-centered and materialistic over the last few decades but have we really come to this?

It's frustrating enough when our government will "reward" the population with increases in amounts of welfare or other government/state assistance dependent upon the number of children in the household but now we are going to make a "celebrity" of a 33 year old single woman, already a mother to six children under the age of eight, who knowingly and willfully allowed herself to be impregnated with eight embryos, all of whom survived and were born last month.

What has this woman done to warrant a reality show, endorsements and financial gifts? If she is currently on government assistance, she has drained the State of California for her existing six children, nevermind the eight she just had. And if she has indeed been living off the generous support of the taxpayers of the State of California, who exactly funded her in-vitro fertilization? And what medical professional would agree to a single woman with six children, who is living off government assistance, being implanted with one embryo, much less eight?

Please do not reward this woman for her selfish, self-serving and unbalanced behavior. By doing so you will be sending the message out to all young girls and women everywhere that they too can become famous, celebrated and wealthy by merely bringing children into the world.

In short, Nadya Suleman needs a mental health professional, not a reality show.

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog completely by accident, but I'm glad that I did. I was reading about Nadya, and wanted to see what others were saying about her. I'm from California, and it sickens me that taxpayers have to pay for Nadya's children. It's shocking that a grown woman can be so irresponsible. It's frustrating that so many people in this country act like having a baby is a huge accomplishment. I'm a graduate student at Columbia University and my mother's coworkers oftentimes ask her when she thinks that I'm going to get married and have a baby. I always encourage my mom to respond to their questions by saying, "When is your daughter going to finish college?", but of course this respond would be considered rude, while theirs is socially acceptable. Anyway, I'm sorry to rant. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog, and that I look forward to reading future postings.