March 5, 2009

American Idol Group 3 Results and 8 Wild Cards Named

Normally American Idol results shows have about as much anticipation and suspense as Geraldo Rivera opening up Al Capone's vault but last night, Idol threw a few surprises our way.

From Group 3, I don't think anyone was surprised that Lil Rounds made the Top 12. Honestly, if you were, you probably also believe that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are really, truly in love and they have sex. With each other. Please.

Scott McIntyre also made the Top 12. Again, no surprise.

What was a surprise though was that it came down to Jorge Nunez or Ju'Not Joyner getting that coveted third spot . . . and it went to Jorge! Now I loved Jorge's performance and I thought he did Elton John proud. I thought Ju'Not had a great voice and maybe didn't pick the absolute best showcase for it (whereas, Jorge did).

So this show moved a heck of a lot faster because Idol decided to announce the 8 Wild Card-ers who would compete for one of the three Wild Card slots. Each judge got to announce two Card-ers, with their usual boneheaded explanation of why this contestant was getting the slot, Blah, blah, blah. I don't think anyone really cares. They just want to know who.

Despite the producers' assertions that there will not be an even gender split, necessarily, this season, four guys and four gals ended up as Wild Cards.

The Guys: Von Smith, Ricky Bobby Braddy, Matt the Dueling Piano Player and Anoop Dawg! Love me some Anoop!

The Gals: Marlboro Megan Corkrey, Jesse Langseth, Jasmine Murray and (God help us) Tatiana Del Taco.

Really. Seriously. They chose Tatiana. And they claim it was unanimous. Sure. Like it was unanimous from the producers that Idol was getting somewhat dull and they had better stir the pot by bringing back drama queen Tatiana. This girl would make Headband Wearing Nathaniel look positively mellow by comparison.

I don't understand bringing Marlboro Megan and Jesse Langseth back. Their sounds are identical and both of them sound similar to Hideous Allison, already on board. I would think that would cancel at least two of them out, right out of the gate. I would much rather see Felicia Barton get one of their spots, as I feel she was much more deserving.

I am sorry that Matt Brietzke wasn't given another chance as I think the dude can really sing. I suppose they figure Michael Sarver already being on board kicks Brietzke to the curb.

Tonight the 8 Wild Cards will perform a la Death Race for one of the three coveted spots. Does anyone really believe that judges haven't already decided who is going to get it? Come on, now. I think the judges knew last night who they wanted in the last three spots; Idol is simply trying to milk this for all it's worth.

Personally, I think the guys far outshine the gals this season (as evidenced by the 6 guys already on board versus the 3 gals who had to be put on board). I'd love to see Anoop in the Top 12, along with Von and either Ricky Bobby Braddy or Matt the Dueling Piano Player. None of the gals did enough for me to make me want them to compete.

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