May 8, 2009

21 and 22, respectively

Seriously, something must be in the water, at least at the Hogan and Lohan households.

Brooke Hogan, daughter of ignoramus dickhead Hulk Hogan and older sister of cry baby shit driver Marine assaulter Nick Hogan, just turned 21. Yes, 21. And that's 21 in human years, not dog years. I think BEAT is an understatement.

Lindsay Lohan is currently 22, turning 23 this summer. Yes, it seems like we've been inundated with Lindsay's hijinks, drug problems, sexual partners and overall whacked lifestyle for a lot longer than just the several years we have.

Other than Ali Lohan, who is still technically a minor, are these two the oldest looking females under the age of 23 in Hollywood? In the States?

Can you imagine if Dina Lohan and Hulk Hogan got together to compare notes?
"My daughter ran over some guy's foot!"
"Oh yeah? My son put a Marine in an irreversible coma!"
"My daughter has probably gangbanged an entire contingent of Marines!"
"My daughter could beat the shit out of a Marine . . . in fact, she may even have a penis."
"Well, my daughter doesn't like penises this week."
Good times!



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